Top 10 Things Bernie Hasn’t Said About The Kingdom of Denmark

Bernie Sanders dreams of the U.S. becoming more like Denmark. Here’s our top ten list of things the perpetually-hippie senator from Vermont hasn’t told you about ye olde Danish realm:

10. Consumer prices in Denmark are 17.52% higher than U.S. (Bon appétit! Restaurant costs are 46.14% higher.)

9. Free College Courses Plus Student Stipends Actually Hurt Denmark’s Economy. (Blowback for welfare subsidies to overpriced universities?)

8. Denmark enjoys a welfare system in part because of large Oil and Gas deposits. ($60 billion to date. Pipeline anyone?)

7. Denmark funds the remainder of its citizen welfare with high taxes. (Up to 56% tax on incomes! Cough it up, comrades.)

6. Denmark is a tiny nation with only 5.7 million people. (That’s 1.8 percent the size of the U.S. It should easily work on a larger scale, right?)

5. Denmark’s people are mostly culturally and religiously homogenous. (Even with 3.7% Muslims, Danes are still #OscarsSoWhite…to the chagrin of Hollywood race warriors.)

4. Unlike U.S. progressives, Denmark strongly protects property rights. (Pay attention, Bernie.)

3. Unlike U.S. progressives, Denmark deregulated their labor markets into free markets. (Uh oh, Socialism!)

2. Denmark still controls the military and finances of its medieval colony Greenland. (That’s the world’s largest island…next to all the oil and gas…just saying…)

1. Danish Subjects must pay taxes for the Lutheran State Church and a Constitutional Monarchy. (Nothing says civil liberties than a Danish pope & queen!)

For more reading on the reality of Denmark: Click Here.


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